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Romania has the only supplement of calcium and magnesium in the world, with proven results in the feeding of dairy cows, young bulls and meat chicken. The studies developed by the Institute of Research an Development for Cattle Raise from Balotesti (IRDCR Balotesti) show an obvious improvement in the animal health after the supplement use. Furthermore, their physical appeareance has become more attractive, the embryonic development of the veals has progressed and the abnormal births of the heifers have decreased. As far as veals are concerned, the study developed by the Institute of Research an Development for Cattle Raise from Balotesti(IRDCR Balotesti) also showed a significant increase in their body corporal weight.

Producing high-quality milk

 After 11 months of DEL-CA-MAG administration, the productivity of dairy cows have shown a significant growth of 1,5 litres a day, per fed cow. After the study, Maria Serdaru, a scientific researcher at IRCDR Balotesti, stated a growth of 0,5 grams in the fat content.

 Healthier and stronger veals

 After administering the supplement to veals, it was found a 26% increase in their general growth compared to the veals who were administered calcium and magnesium from regular sources. This means a daily increase of 211 grams/veal, after 6 months of directing the supplement. Also, DEL-CA-MAG encourages the phosphorus metabolism from fodders.


Profitability for farmers


Farmers can obtain an additional annual income of 157 euro/cow. For example, if the milk cost given by producers to processors is 0,29 euro/litre, then during a year, a farmer could have a profit of 157 euro/dairy cow, representing the equivalent of the extra milk production reaching an amount of 548 litres per dairy cow.

“If we take for example a farm with a capacity of 600 cows, from which 300 are milked and provides aproximately 6.000 litres a day, the effects of amorphous dolomit would lead to a increase in the milk quantity of 66%, reaching a level of aproximately 9.000 litres a day. Only this difference in milk quantity provides a supplementary daily income of 858 euro. If this level of milk production remains constant during a year, then the farm production can reach a total of aproximately 300.000 euro” explains Lazar Daniel-Vasile, manager at Mine Operation Harghita.


Minimum costs

 From the point of view of the costs needed for supplimenting the dairy cow forage with DEL-CA-MAG, the estimated daily consumption rate ist of 176 grams of dolomit per cow. At a price of 0,24 euro/kg, results a unitary annual cost of 15,48 euro per dairy cow. Applying these costs on the above example, the farm would additionally invest for 600 cows, an amount of 9.000 euro a year.

 Significant boost made by meat chicken

 A research developed by the National Institute of Animal Biology and Nutrition(NIABN) shows that using DEL-CA-MAG as a calcium and magnesium source has generally  modified the body weights of animals, with 3,75% more at the age of 14 days, with 4,01% at the age of 28 days, respectively 4,18% at the age of 42 days. Regarding the daily growth progress, was registered an increase by 4,25% on the amorphous dolomit fed chicken( as a source of calcium and magnesium), compared to the control group(calcium carbonate, as a source of calcium).


According to Georgeta Ciurescu, PhD Researcher at NIABN, curious effects were noticed at the specific use. The fodders rate of conversion in performance was smaller by 5,71% per DEL-CA-MAG fed chicken group than the control group. Furthermore, the cost of fodder/kg was smaller by 6,20% on the amorphous dolomit fed group than the control group. The biochemical analysis of the plasma parameters and of ash, calcium and phosphorus levels, found in the tibia bone of the broiler chicken, wasn’t strongly influenced by the source of calcium used. The quantity used on the experimental group was close to the one used on the control goup and in normal physiological limits, regarding the age and breed of chickens.


The magnesium concentration found in the tibia bone of the experimental group was bigger compared to the control group, both in normal physiological limits regarding the age and breed of chickens.


Unique chimical properties


DEL-CA-MAG is a dolomit extracted from Harghita-Delnita area. Its amorphous structure is what gives dolomit its unicity. This can be translated on a technical level, through a much weaker connection between the calcium and magnesium ions, a quality that encourages the direct absorption of all vitamins in the gastric juice of animals.


DEL-CA-MAG seen by farmers


After almost a year and a half of DEL-CA-MAG appliance on dairy cows and young bulls, the manager of  Managra farm from Satu Mare and the manager of the dairy products producer company that buys milk form this farm talk about the effects, dolomit have on cows and on the economical progress of the farm in general.


“We started administrating DEL-CA-MAG by accident, at the beginning of june 2010, when because of the lack of calcium on the market, we had to choose different providers. This is how we started using dolomit, about which, at that time, we did not know anything, except that it can substitute calcium”stated Manea Gabriel, manager of Managra farm. According to his statements, the effects of DEL-CA-MAG were seen even from the first two months of supplementing, when a sudden growth in the milk’s fat was noticed.”Before, the fat percentage was 3,8. Now, it’s over 4,1%” declared Manea Gabriel. This determined an increase in the cost offered by the processor. „Due to the milk fat growth given by DEL-CA-MAG, we obtained a cost of 0,35 euro/litre” added Manea Gabriel. Along this advantage, while using DEL-CA-MAG the milk quantity have increased by 10-15% per cow. Furthermore, the wealth of animals was visibly improved and the problems of bringing forth dissapeared. Lastly, the products costs of aquisition are considerably smaller than calcium. „On veals, you can easily distinguish an impovement in its health. They eat better and they gain weight.”


Enhanced profit by 20%

 The advantages of DEL-CA-MAG are justified in the farm’s economy. Manea Gabriel declared that economically speaking, for all the 160 cows in his farm, the amount of money invested in medicines every month has decreased by half. For example, young meat bulls reached a weight of 400 kilos at the age of one year and two months. After using DEL-CA-MAG, they reached the same weight three weeks earlier. What is also important, is that the fodders quantity was reduced by 10%. “Summing all the benefits that this supplement brings, we can conclude that the farm’s profit enhanced by 20%” stated the farm’s manager.



The processor’s opinion

 Andrisca Ioan Domitian, general manager at Primalact, a company that produces and distributes dairy products, said that he initially didn’t know the fact that Managra was using the supplement DEL-CA-MAG, but noticed that the results given by daily analysis on milk showed a constant improvement in quality. “At this moment, due to the huge enhancement in the milk quality produced by Managra, we use it for more demanding products” stated the general manager of Primalact. “Our policy is to promote in quality and regarding that DEL-CA-MAG has these benefits on milk production, there is no doubt for farmers whether is appropiate or not to use it as a supplement in the animal forage.” said Andrisca Ioan Domitian. “ I believe that all farmers should turn towards this natural supplement in the future”


I strongly recommend my colleagues processors to use in their production, milk from farms that use DEL-CA-MAG

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